Prepared to your requirements – filleted, skinned, scaled, pin boned

Fresh Fish – Superior Grade & Organic

  •                                           Whole gutted Salmon
  •                                             Salmon Fillets
  •                                             Salmon Supremes
  •                                               Salmon Steaks / Darnes
  •                                             Salmon Pieces & Trimmings

Farmed Fish

  • 8133780557_efdb2b3de3_b

    Finest Salmon from the Scottish Highlands. Available year round as whole fish, sides, steaks and supremes. Alternatives: Organic Salmon, Rainbow Trout, Sea Trout.
  • Tasha-Seccombe_Whole-Grilled-Trout_0004
    Sea Bass

    A delicious fish, Sea Bass has superb flavour and makes for a fantastic meal. Farmed in the Mediterranean, Bass is usually available year round. Alternatives: Gilt Head Bream.
  • web-site-151
    Sea Bream
    Bream is round bodied,  generally considered as one of the best-tasting of the breams. . Can be grilled, baked, steamed, poached or pan-fried.
  • rainbow-trout
    Rainbow Trout

    Successfully farmed, rainbow trout is great value and delicious in a variety of dishes, especially over spring and summer. Alternatives: Sea Trout, Salmon.
  • halibut

    A delicately flavourful flat fish with firm, tight – grained creamy-white meat. Generally a cheaper alternative to turbot, halibut is extremely versatile and can be substituted for a variety of fish. Alternatives: Turbot, Brill.
  • turbot
    A highly regarded and very tasty fish, with firm, white flesh. Available all year in fillets, steaks or whole. Alternative: Brill.
  • Salmon-&-spinach
    Sea Trout
    Also known as Salmon Trout or Ocean Trout. Wild Sea Trout is best available from March to August, although recent success at farming the species has widened availability. Alternatives: Salmon, Rainbow Trout.

Wild Fish – Line Caught

  • Cod-005

    A great white fish with succulent flaky flesh. Available year round. Alternatives: Haddock or any species belonging to the Cod family.
  • 100_0718

    A member of the Cod family, Haddock is similar in flavour, although slightly sweeter and has smaller muscle flakes. Available year round. Alternatives: Any species belonging to the cod family.
  • Seabass-Inter-003
    Sea Bass

    A delicious fish, Sea Bass has superb flavour and makes for a fantastic meal. Caught in the Mediterranean, Bass is usually available year round. Alternatives: Gilt Head Bream.

Wild Fish – Trawled

  • Brill-004

    A large flat fish resembling Turbot, Brill is a less expensive alternative, with slightly softer, sweeter tasting flesh. Readily available over summer. Alternative: Turbot.
  • Corinthian-Main-(10)

    A deep sea member of the Cod family, with a subtle, milder flavour than its more popular relative. Hake is great as steaks or loin supremes, and has very few bones. Alternatives: Any species belonging to the cod family.
  • Pan_fried_fillet_of_plaice_400[1]

    Recognisable by the distinctive orange spots on its upper side, plaice has soft, delicately flavoured flesh and is available whole or as fillets year round. Alternatives: Lemon sole, Megrim, Flounder, Dab.
  • thJQWPPQT4
    Lemon Sole

    Confusingly a variety of Plaice, the subtle, sweet flavoured flesh is delicious cooked on the bone or as fillets. Availability is good over summer as fillets or whole fish. Alternatives: Plaice, Dover Sole, Witch.
  • 7624_l[1]

    Again, a member of the Cod family, Ling has firm, white flesh with a good flavour. Generally available year round. Alternatives: Any species belonging to the Cod family.
  • 055-Dover-Sole[1]
    Dover Sole

    The much appreciated Dover Sole has a delicate flavour and its flesh is crisp and lightly textured but firm enough to hold together when cut into. Fantastic in a variety of recipes. Whole fish and fillets are available year round. Alternative: Lemon Sole.
  • Corinthian-Main-(11)

    Monkfish tail meat has a firm and meaty, yet tender quality and a delicious sweet, delicate, Lobster-like flavour. Available year round. Alternatives: Skate for texture, Lobster in terms of flavour.

  • Skate
    Skate is a member of the Raja family and are most commonly eaten as ‘wings’, the skinned and trimmed pectoral fins. The flesh has a sweet, mild flavour and a soft, delicate texture when cooked properly. Available throughout the year, although most plentiful late summer and autumn. Alternative: None, although Shark has a comparable texture.
  • squid

    Squid have firm textured, tender meat. Squid ink is also available and can be used to colour pasta or in sauce. Available year round. Alternatives: Octopus, Cuttlefish

Exotic Fish – Line caught

  • tuna-niciose2
  • swordfish

Fresh Smoked Fish

  • web-site-113
    Haddock – Natural or Dyed

Oily Fish – Trawled

  • SNB13375

    Sardines – or baby Pilchards – are delicious grilled or barbequed whole and are brilliant value. Fresh, they are available throughout winter and best in spring, or year round bought frozen. Alternative: Herrings.

  • Kippers
    Available year round, whole or as fillets. Fresh – 200-290g / 3.17kg
  • SNB13454

    Mackerel’s pink, firm flesh is tasty, inexpensive and one of the richest sources of Omega – 3. Generally available all year round. Alternative: Herring

Fish Pie Mix

  • web-site-116
    Combination of Salmon, smoked, white fish as requested

    Sold per kg

Scallops, Mussels, Shellfish

  • Scottish King Scallop Meat
  • Roeless Scallops – USA
  • Scottish Rope Grown Mussels
  • Wild Mussels
  • web-site-170
    Amandes Clams
  •                                        Palourdes Clams
  • razor-clams
    Razor Clams
  • Cockles, Whelks, Winkles
  • Peeled Brown Shrimps

Lobsters / Crabs

  • half-lobster
    Norfolk Lobsters

    Live / Cooked
  • crabs-whole
    Cromer Crabs